Cafe Church

Café Church happens once a month. 10.30am on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Coffee, croissants and church.

Cafe Church is church with a difference. Seated round tables instead of sat in rows we drink coffee, eat croissants, discuss faith and read the Sunday papers. It’s still a service, we sing a few songs, hear a bit of a talk, say some prayers, but we’re relaxed about it all. If your kids are running around grabbing another muffin that’s fine. If you don’t believe in God and want to come and see what’s going on, that’s fine too.


If you just want to drink the coffee and read sunday papers, that’s fine!

Why do we do Café Church?

Well, we want to try to make Church a place that is relaxed and accessible. We know that lots of people want to talk about faith, even want to come to Church, but find a traditional service hard to understand, or boring to sit through, or just plain confusing. So we developed Café Church as a place where everyone’s welcome. It’s hopefully not too confusing or boring. We also understand that weekends are precious times for families to be together so we wanted to create a fun, engaging space where children and young people can feel welcome too.

“I can’t believe Church can be like this”

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