Staff and Leadership Team

Rev Nick Witham


On a sunny day I’ll be playing cricket, watching football or any other sport I can get to go and see.

On a rainy Monday I’m watching TV, reading a book or re-watching highlights of Crystal Palace’s last match (hopefully having watched from the stand at whatever ground they have just played).

At home, I love being in touch with family – both kids have left home now….but great to connect with them and our new granddaughter.

On a desert island I would need a big supply of Earl Grey tea and Sky Sports.

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When it comes to Faith, I believe that God is with us always and is able to make a difference.

Dan Buddle

Leadership team

On a sunny day I will set-up the paddling pool for our four children (and sometimes the dog), light the BBQ and invite our family round to share in the enjoyment.

On a rainy Monday I would be teaching my year six class who would probably be far too full of energy after a wet break and a wet lunch stuck indoors.

At home I am never bored. Whether it is putting the baby down for a nap, walking the dog, playing computer games with our eldest son, playing animals and reading with our eldest daughter or playing cars and play-fighting with our youngest son, there is always plenty to do; sometimes there is even time for reading a newspaper.

On a desert island I would greatly appreciate having my guitar and a good catalogue of rock and metal to listen to (the entire back catalogue of Kansas would be essential to this collection as well as a good amount of nu-metal and progressive metal from the 00s.)

When it comes to Faith, each day I relish the sense of awe, wonder and privilege I feel from getting to be a small part of God’s universe. From the complexity of cells to the immensity of galaxies, how fortunate I am to be part of the cosmos and how blessed I am to have God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Crystal Gee

Leadership Team

On a sunny day I enjoy a swim and perhaps some gardening in the afternoon.
On a rainy Monday I have a get-together with my quilting group.

At home, I like meeting up with old friends for a coffee and then In the afternoon I spend time with my great granddaughter which is always a pleasure! .

On a Desert Island, I’d take books and catch up on my reading and eat exotic fruits.

When it comes to faith, my faith and family are daily comforts for me. I had wonderful Grandparents who brought me up to know Jesus; that he will always be my friend. The early prayer I shared with them features frequently in my daily life. “Jesu, tender shepherd, hear me. Bless thy little lamb tonight,  thro the darkness be thou with me, keep me safe till morning light“.  So sentimental to me. It keeps me in touch with Jesus and my wonderful Grandparents, I thank God for the blessings we shared.

Jim Knell

Leadership Team

On a sunny day I am walking or cycling in the countryside.

On a rainy Monday I am thanking God for his goodness.

At home depending on the weather, I am in the garden reading Bernard Cornwell books, or any books to do with history.  If wet, I am watching The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

On a desert island it depends on the situation. If stranded, I am looking to get home. If on holiday, I would be swimming in the clear waters and enjoying the warm sunshine.

When it comes to Faith, I know that God is my constant companion and will always be with me.

Joy Hadley

Leadership Team

Joy is one of the Leadership Team.

On a sunny day I am out in the garden or going for a walk, preferably down by the river in St Ives.

On a rainy Monday morning I enjoy catching up with emails on the computer or planning our next trip to visit friends in France

At home, I like to read crime novels or play puzzle-solving games on the computer. I like crossword puzzles but not the cryptic ones!

On a desert island I would be building a tree house and putting up a hammock

When it comes to Faith, I know that God is always with me, by my side or sometimes behind me when I need a nudge to accept new challenges.


Children and Families Worker

On a sunny day you will find me in the garden – I love watching/feeding the birds and keeping the garden tidy. When that is all done, I would be out for a walk with my husband and my mum’s dog, Peanut!

On a rainy Monday there is nothing better to do then a 1000/2000-piece jigsaw – love the challenge and time just flies by. I do like to do the “Take a Break” crosswords too and would love to win one week! If I haven’t got a jigsaw or puzzle on the go then it would have to be a paint by numbers to keep me busy.

At home I love my daily chats on facetime with our one year old granddaughter – who takes after me for talking! I love family time especially when my daughter and son come home with their partners and our granddaughter – lots of fun had especially playing board games.

On a desert Island I would take with me a group of pigs, a pile of Take a Breaks and some chocolate oranges.

When it comes to faith, I know God has always been there for me throughout my life. I aim to show God’s love throughout the children and families work for them to know the love he has given me.