Staff and Leadership Team

Rev Nick Witham


On a sunny day I’ll be playing cricket, watching football or any other sport I can get to go and see.

On a rainy Monday I’m watching TV, reading a book or re-watching highlights of Crystal Palace’s last match (hopefully having watched from the stand at whatever ground they have just played).

At home, I love being in touch with family – both kids have left home now….but great to connect with them and our new granddaughter.

When it comes to Faith, I believe that God is with us always and is able to make a difference.

On a desert island I would need a big supply of Earl Grey tea and Sky Sports.

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Chrissie Kelby

Leadership Team

On a sunny day I am playing in the garden with the kids, riding a horse or going for a run.
On a rainy Monday I am in the kitchen baking some tasty treats or outside jumping in puddles with the kids.
At home I am generally busy juggling being a mum of 2 little people, working from home part time as a Dental Nurse Tutor and crafting or baking something.
When it comes to faith, I see the power of God in the world around me. Nowhere can you see God’s majesty more than in the beauty of nature. I feel closest to God in the middle of a forest, by an alpine lake or at the top of a hill or mountain.
On a desert island I would be stocked up with crochet and an audio book enjoying some delightful peace and quiet.

Jim Knell

Leadership Team

On a sunny day I am walking or cycling in the countryside.

On a rainy Monday I am thanking God for his goodness.

At home depending on the weather, I am in the garden reading Bernard Cornwell books, or any books to do with history.  If wet, I am watching The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

When it comes to Faith, I know that God is my constant companion and will always be with me.

On a desert island it depends on the situation. If stranded, I am looking to get home. If on holiday, I would be swimming in the clear waters and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Joy Hadley

Leadership Team

Joy is one of the Leadership Team.

On a sunny day I am out in the garden or going for a walk, preferably down by the river in St Ives.

On a rainy Monday morning I enjoy catching up with emails on the computer or planning our next trip to visit friends in France

At home, I like to read crime novels or play puzzle-solving games on the computer. I like crossword puzzles but not the cryptic ones!

When it comes to Faith, I know that God is always with me, by my side or sometimes behind me when I need a nudge to accept new challenges.

On a desert island I would be building a tree house and putting up a hammock


Children and Families Worker

On a sunny day you will find me in the garden – I love watching/feeding the birds and keeping the garden tidy. When that is all done, I would be out for a walk with my husband and my mum’s dog, Peanut!

On a rainy Monday there is nothing better to do then a 1000/2000-piece jigsaw – love the challenge and time just flies by. I do like to do the “Take a Break” crosswords too and would love to win one week! If I haven’t got a jigsaw or puzzle on the go then it would have to be a paint by numbers to keep me busy.

At home I love my daily chats on facetime with our one year old granddaughter – who takes after me for talking! I love family time especially when my daughter and son come home with their partners and our granddaughter – lots of fun had especially playing board games.

When it comes to faith, I know God has always been there for me throughout my life. I aim to show God’s love throughout the children and families work for them to know the love he has given me.

On a desert Island I would take with me a group of pigs, a pile of Take a Breaks and some chocolate oranges.