The SIMC Banner

This beautiful banner was crafted by Gail Lowther.

At the centre of the banner is the cross representing the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have the font and the dove reminding us that Jesus was baptised In the River Jordan by John the Baptist. The Holy Spirit alighted on him in the form of a dove. We also have the bread and the wine reminding us of the last supper Jesus shared with the disciples.

At the top of the banner we have the river bridge with the chapel at the centre. The river with rushes and swans. The boat recognises the importance of the river for trading. The prosperity of the town in the past was based on the large market and on the cargo brought down the river to St Ives by barge. The field with corn represents the farming in the area, both arable and horticultural.

At the top left of the banner we have John Wesley, who came to St Ives to preach in 1774. The people first worshipped in the home of Elizabeth Asplin and then in a barn behind East Street. The first Methodist Church shown here was opened in 1815. The present Methodist Church was opened in 1905. The stone for this church was brought down the river from Norfolk on the last barge to make the journey. The flames remind us that there was a fire in 1996. It almost destroyed the church building. It burnt up much of the inside of the building, including the organ. From the heat, desolation and dirt a butterfly rose from the ashes and was seen to fly up into the air. It was amazing that it had lived, it gave everyone hope for the future.

St Ives has been a thriving market town with animals and other produce being brought from vast distances to be sold. On the banner we see the market traders of today with people of all ages buying from a wide variety of stalls

We have two important bible stories here, Jesus the Good Shepherd and the Parable of the Sower. These two accounts remind us of our responsibility in terms of spreading God’s word, and loving, guiding, supporting and caring for others. We have the hymn ‘Love Divine Loves Excelling’ by John Wesley.

At the bottom to the right, we have hands reaching up, some will be joyfully praising, God, other hands may be reaching out for help. So let us show love and care for others as we.

Sing to God’s Glory, and make His love known