We are a church family of all ages that want to make a difference by living out God’s love in worship, mission & in service to each other and our community.


There are a few things which are important to us as Christians here at SIMC

  • We believe God created and loves all of us and at the heart of our faith is the belief that God is real and God cares.
  • We believe that Jesus was a real person, who lived on earth, taught us amazing things about being human and finding God. We try to follow him and the things He taught. We believe, somehow through the mystery of God, He was fully human and fully divine. We believe that He died on the cross and came back from death to live again so that we can find a path back to God; so that death is not the end, so that we do not need to be afraid. He made a way for us to experience eternal life.
  • We believe that God’s presence is with us through His Spirit; that He helps us get the most out of life, find inner peace, and make wrongs right. We believe there is even room for miracles, big ones and little ones too.


If you came along to one of our services, you would find a mix of people. We are a church family of different ages, some who have been Christians for many years, while there are others who are relatively new to Faith and to the Methodist Church. We have a growing number of children and families, who meet during the week and on a Sunday morning for a great programme of fun and learning. We look forward to meeting again in person in the coming months for in-presence Worship and gatherings. Have a look at our Facebook pages to see how we are keeping in contact during the current Covid-19 situation.

There is always a warm seat for those who feel a bit lost, lonely or in need of any kind, no matter what age. There is a great sense of being part of family in the church where people look out for each other and are welcomed into our community. We have seen how Faith and community have made a real difference in people’s lives.

Finally, there are a couple of things which are important to us as a Christian community…

  • We seek to welcome all ages in our services and events. Some events may be directed towards certain age groups whether young in years or young at heart, but we try to make Sunday morning a place where we are God’s family together.
  • We are open to all, whether rich or poor. Regular members confidentially give what they feel comfortable with to the church, but we do not expect guests to contribute financially. To this end, we do not pass an offering plate around during the service, but leave them by the entrances for people to make their donations. At some point during the service these offerings are brought forward to offer to God.
  • We believe men and women are equal and are equally able to fulfill work and ministry. We do not limit women within our leadership structures, but welcome their contributions to all aspects of church life.

Access for Everyone

There is a Church car park at the rear of the building with 2 spaces allocated for people with disabilities. Parking for other vehicles is only available for evening and weekend events. A large public car park, ‘The Globe Place car park, is situated close by in West Street.
The building can be accessed via ramps at both the Community Entrance and the Main Hall entrance. Work on the ramp to the front entrance of the Church on The Waits is due to be completed in March 2021.

The car park is Pay and Display 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, or free evenings and Sunday.

For more information, please contact us by clicking here.


We seek to support charities at home and abroad where there is need. We also seek to deal fairly with the people and world around us. You can read more about how we support Fairtrade here.